From Digital to the Real World

We'll here's something a little different.  Sometimes, I take inspiration from my digital artwork and turn them into real world miniatures. I wanted to share one I've finished, and a couple I'm working on.

I generally work at about a 1:48 scale. Big enough so I can add all the detail I want, but small enough to be able to sit under a glass dome and be easily displayed. My favorite part is painting in the details and finishes. Sometimes I buy bits and pieces from model railroad conventions, and often I scratch build what I want using things like insulation foam, balsa wood, toothpicks, wire, swearing, and really powerful reading glasses.

First up is one I finished and sold last year, Terrarium.

Top left is the inspiration image. The others are of the finished miniature, standing about 10.5 inches tall including the base and the glass cloche. There's a switch on the side, the house is wired with LED lights. There's a bike on the front porch, and an itty bitty little dog waiting to get in at the one back door that's still accessible.

The next two are still in progress.  The inspiration image is called Rise Above. I've just barely started on the model...

I have the physical house, but it needs a whole lot of paint and details. Check out those tiny flowers! They're made with polymer clay. I'll cut up and use that miniature turf on the roof of the house, and then hand set about a million of those little blossoms. This one will be also light up.

This last one is about 70% done. I stalled because I think I want to remake the tree and it's daunting. I'm doing this one backwards - the miniature first and then I might make a digital image afterwards.

an image of a scale model of a small hotel with a tree growing up through the center and bursting out the roof.

This one's tough to see, because I haven't lit the interior yet - but the tree grows up through both floors of the old store, and has torn its way through the roof to get some sun. This one is sitting on a hefty chunk of wood  and is about 7" wide by 15" tall, including the glass cloche.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these.  I really appreciate your interest and support of all my creative endeavors. Art is about communication. I would still make art even if no one else but me ever looked at it, but because of you I'm not just yelling into a void.  You have my thanks for that!