Image Insights: Equilibrium

6 images of animals balancing on different objects, trying to get at a prize.


I get more comments and questions about this series than most of my other images. I thought I'd offer some insight into what inspired them.

Over and over in life we are presented with decisions. Paper or plastic. A fork in the road. A big opportunity. A tough choice. As we consider our options (whether that takes moments or days) we're in a kind of stasis. A temporary balance. We have to choose which way to go. We have to take action in one direction or the other. In that moment of consideration, there is a stillness. It's usually fleeting, but we all experience it, sometimes multiple times in one day.

That moment can feel safe, and some folks try to stay there as long as possible. Decision is commitment and commitment can be intimidating. But eventually, we must see that the time we spend balanced between options isn't getting us anywhere. So we jump.  Up or down, forward, back, or sideways. 

Honestly, it's usually something of a mess whichever direction we choose, at least for a while.  But we'll land, and we'll find our footing and keep going. And we might even have a prize to show for it.

Here's to all your future leaps and prizes, and may your landing spots always be soft.


a funny image of a rabbit hanging from a dangling carrot